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Restoration Hardware Wood Look with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™

Want to get that restoration hardware wood look using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan? It's actually super easy. First find your victim, I used this old table that was still in decent shape, it just had a few scrapes on it.

I started out using a light coat of Old White then after it was dry I used sandpaper by hand and scraped the edges and all along the top all in the same direction to give it a natural grain look. I used the same process on the feet too.

Then I applied another light coat of Old White and repeated my sanding process.`After you have sanded the second coat now its time to add Paris Grey using light dry brush strokes. (just tip the end of your brush in the paint barely getting any on your brush and lightly coat strokes over your white). You will know once you play with it if you want more or not of the Paris Grey. Use the same process with sandpaper. Once you have the look you want then add Clear Wax with a wax brush or a bristle brush of some sort then while that is still wet add the dark wax. Then just wipe it down with a cloth.I do it in pieces so your wax works best for you.

I'm thinking I might add a little more dark wax to the top, not sure yet though. That's what I love about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY. just play with it and see what you like. If you get too much dark wax just apply more clear wax over it and wipe with a rag, it acts as an eraser.

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