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General Finishes Glaze & Pearl Effects

General Finishes Pearl effects are water based decorative, acrylic pearlescent colors used to create specialty finishes. They may be applied over General Finishes milk paints, stains and water based topcoats to create a translucent metallic Pearl effect. Pearl effects are thick enough to cover a surface but may also be brushed on lightly to create a dusting effect. Experimentation is the key to using this versatile product. This product will give you a metallic copper-ie color. This is an opaque paint, meaning it has solid coverage...not transparent. It is more of a red copper. You would seal the Copper GF Pearl Effects paint using GF's High Performance Top Coat. You will need to apply three coats of the HP Top Coat. Make sure to wait 12 hours after paint dries before applying the top coat. If you have a glossy surface- you should sand it before using the Pear Effects paint.

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