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This mirror was just dark and drab and needed a little uplift.

we used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Emperors Silk. It only took two coats then added clear wax and black wax.

this bright gorgeous mirror is now available for purchase in our store

Kathleen painted this dresser using the same color and wax technique and has already gone to its new home.

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some people just have it in themselves to be a DIY'er from the get go. Not me! That's why I thoroughly enjoy using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, it goes on anything.... I mean ANYTHING!

You can tell that this old table has taken a beating over the years and has a huge stain on the top.

Spring is here and I was trying to think of a color that will brighten up this place and my mood because its been raining for months on end here in the Pacific North West. My color of choice? Barcelona Orange.....

It took three coats to cover the top and the sides were a little hard to reach but overall it turned out great. Kathleen wanted to add a little brown wax to give it some depth and character so I said go for it.

I'm glad she did, this picture doesn't really do it justice but if you look close enough you can see the brown wax. I hear a lot from people that they are scared to use dark or black wax and I say WHY? It really adds that extra touch and if you put on too much just add more clear wax and it will act as an eraser.

Orange is a little out of MY comfort zone in the color world but all in all I'm super pleased with how it turned out and it brightens up the store until it finds its new home. So in closing, before you put it in a Garage Sale or give it away (it is always a good thing to give to Goodwill or charities by the way) think to yourself can you bring it back to life with just a little Chalk Paint™?

I'm now off to find my next victim to paint, toot-a-loo.


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